Yahoo Pipes’ amazing interface

Yahoo Pipes is a brand new technology that lets registered Yahoo users combine and customize data and RSS feeds as well as certain content from websites.  So you mix & match content and then you can output it all as a custom “pipe”, or output file.  As you are piping, you can apply conditional logic.

Say, for example, you want to create a feed for all new CDs released from eMusic but only if they match up with your iTunes favorite artists AND cost less than $10.  Or you want to pull all cars on eBay Motors that are a certain make, model, year, geographic region BUT they need to match up with Consumer Reports’ top automotive rankings.  This app allows you to do that.  Some of these functionality already exists in other places … but not in a one-size-fits-all adaptable tool of this caliber. 

Then, of course, Pipes has a social network angle where people share their pipes.  [Drum circle optional.]  I sidestepped that aspect of it.

Anyway, core functionality is extremely cool, but not why I am so enamored by this new Web 2.0 beauty.  You need to go over there and use it to truly appreciate the disarmingly simple yet phenomenally powerful interface.  Essentially, you program and debug without having to know a word of code.  You just drag objects around and link them with “pipes”.  I can’t do this application justice by trying to ham-handedly describe it here.  Just go check it out.

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