New version of WordPress out … oh, and it rocks

This weekend, WordPress released version 2.5 of their top-tier open source blogging software. This release sets the bar high for intuitive admin systems. I could write on and on, but nothing compares to actually using it. I’m composing this entry, for instance, using the new full-screen editing mode. This allows the writer to focus solely on his writing, without any clutter. I love it!

Go get it (or view demo) at If you’re running an existing WordPress installation, this is a must-have upgrade. The 2.2 to 2.3.3 upgrade added incremental improvements to the front-facing app and some advanced SEO features. But this upgrade is 90% geared toward admins … thank you, WordPress … and, at the same time, sets a whole new standard on usability.

Bonus geek fact: This weekend, I found out the origin of the word “bLog” and why it employs that odd capitalization. It’s short for “WebLog”, a term coined back in the first dotcom bubble.

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