Desktop 2.0

I love it when the lines between web and non-web software converge.

The web is truly dictating style & function for desktop applications.  Web 2.0 principles are more in touch with and adaptable to user behaviors.  Desktop software that incorporates these concepts is generally going to be more intuitive to navigate and efficient to use (less clicks and refreshes).  Ajax allows web developers to innovate new ways to interact on the web — and Ajax makes it all easier and quicker to build.  As a result, evolution of web apps is speeding up.  In turn, this is spurring innovation at the desktop level.  Tour Office 2007 … it looks and behaves like an Ajax-style web app.  I know, this sorta flips the standard way of thinking about apps.  I can hear you blinking.

You see, a web app can be upgraded to meet user-driven enhancements in a matter of days.  Software, due to slower distribution models, usually takes a year or more to get upgraded.  Interfaces get better in a shorter period with Web 2.0.  I see no reason why the same shouldn’t be true with Desktop 2.0.

Thank heaven the Desktop is no longer dictating Web interfaces.  That was the worst — clunky, clumsy, interfaces with too many options.  “Make my website look like Outlook.”  Yikes.  Make your website go bankrupt.  All hail Ajax and Web 2.0.  Web apps look and act better with these technologies.

Of course, the Mac people are screaming that OS X has had a Web 2.0 style for like 2 years now.  OS X’s integrated apps like iLife and iPhoto and iDVD carry this theme.  Even more so with the OS enhancement called Quicksilver.  I might agree with you when I get into hug-mode after 4+ beers, but as long as I’ve got any fight left, I’m going pound my embarassingly un-hairy chest and state that for the majority of PC users in the world, this will be revolutionary throughout 2007.

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