Cuil who? (24 hours later)

What a difference a day makes.  It’s been a mere 24 hours and the overly-hyped, poorly-named Cuil is already a footnote. They are the latest unexciting contender to challenge Google in the search arena (deja vu with both LOUD3R and PowerSet).  And yet again, the challenger has been deservedly crushed. Why? Because their search results were simply not that good. In an industry where the bar for search methods & results is very high (Yahoo, MSN, Ask), you can’t launch with a sub-par product. It has to be “better” somehow. And Cuil was not better … In fact, it was vastly worse. On Cuil, a search on “cuil” did not bring them up on the first page. Wow. A search on “topLingo” puts us as last place on the first page. On any other search engine we rank in the number one spot. And it went down on it’s inaugural day. Did they expect light traffic when they were calling out Google and press-releasing to every blog and reporter on the planet?  Amateur hour.

Google reminds me of those boxers at the turn of the century that would challenge everybody in town to 3 minutes in the ring with them. One guy after another would get pummeled mercilessly. You better get a real badass in the ring if you want knock out the 800 pound Googlrilla.

Cuil is just the latest casualty in what will turn out to be a lot of attempts to unseat the big G.

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