Redesign for Mega Entertainment Site


Keeping the attention of several audiences is not easy. worked with us for exciting design and a system that keeps the site nimble.


Project Highlights

  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Database Driven Content
  • Flash Animation
  • Password Protected Login
  • Reporting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • User Access Control


Redesign for Mega Entertainment Site is an online magazine that readers flock to for entertainment news and reviews of movies, gadgets, sports, video games and more.

Fresh content is what attracts these audiences. So it had to be easy for staff to update and move featured content continually. The site also needed to convey visual appeal and be super easy to navigate for users, collect reader feedback, and track article popularity. As well, advertising needed to be prominent but not intrusive.

By sketching out all the different ways the site was going to be used, we were able to build the database and functionality to meet the different needs of site visitors.

Now, the homepage displays much more content, to help create excitement and interest. A columned layout with a site search function and tabs along the top make it quick and easy to find any article or topic and navigate to any section of the website.

Just a couple of the custom web applications we created for include:

  • News ticker that can open articles from an external website without requiring the site visitor to leave
  • XML and podcast feed for easy access to all media files.
  • Sophisticated image management system.
  • Content management system that allows articles to be added in different sections, featured prominently and moved around – all while tracking popularity.

Our flexible project management approach allowed us to take advantage of opportunities and new ideas that arose as the project progressed, to ensure the best end result without compromising timeline and budget … for an entertainment site that rocks!

Before: Site visitors had to work to find the content they wanted.

Now: captures the excitement its different audiences are looking for!

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