Documistic Marketing Tool


Efficient, timely, and accurate delivery of print quality documents to multiple end users represents a significant hurdle in any industry.

Project Highlights

  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Database Driven Content
  • Front End Design
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Database Driven Forms
  • Dynamic PDF Generation
  • Flash Animation
  • Merchant Account Integration
  • Password Protected Login
  • Product Configurator
  • Reporting
  • Tier Categorization
  • User Access Control

Management review, marketing design, and content delivery consume precious resources in organizations that cannot afford expensive enterprise solutions or additional head count. Commonly, these tasks are isolated rather than integrated into a single automated workflow process. In a highly competitive market, timing is everything, thus burdening salesforce with inefficiencies and inadequate tools can lead to lost opportunities. solves this and more.

Through topLingo’s experience of developing several customized online marketing tools, both topLingo and Documistic have brought the power of enterprise solutions to the web; opening a world of potential for small to medium size companies to get ahead.


From document creation and management, to the delivery of personalized content for brokers, the automation process enables companies to centralize the consumption of business critical documents removing bottlenecks faced by under staffed marketing departments or quasi sales/marketing personnel.

Implementing technology will alleviate the pressure and deliver customized media rich content straight to the front lines.

Application features include:

Marketing Manager Controls:

Admin Customization
-  Logo Upload
-  Edit Color Scheme
-  Manage Settings and Permissions

Document Creation
-  Add Programs and Categories
-  Build Documents & Matrices from Templates
-  Preview and Save

Control User Acess
-  Full and Partial User Adds
-  Including E-mail Notifications
-  Deny Access Capabilities

User Resource Center
-  Links
-  Messages
-  File Uploads

-  Content Usage
-  User Activity and Info
-  Export to Excel
User Functionality:

Application Access
-  Registration & E-mail Notification
-  Support Contact Form

Online Material Generation
-  Personalize Marketing Material
-  Preview & Save in Online Toolbox

3rd Party Integration
-  Centralized list purchasing from Accudata
-  Print Integration with Parker Printing
-  Email Integration with Vertical Response


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