Development Process

The Development Process

Phase 1 (Planning)
Come to us with an idea or a full requirements document. This is your baby, and we’ll help you get there. But first things first. Features are defined and reviewed, and then split up into ‘must have’, ‘nice to have’, and ‘wish list’ items. We will help you understand how features effect both cost and timeline in order for you to better prioritize. A cost estimate based on the final feature list is determined. Once the scope has been decided and the cost estimate is approved, we’ll create the functional requirement documentation and project timeline to complete the planning phase.

Phase 2 (User Experience)
This is where we match creativity with the functionality. Content goes hand in hand with design, and we’ll help you execute your content with elegant design. With the content and marketing materials provided (by you), we’ll create a sitemap and wireframes, which will then be beautified and brought to life in pages. Final mock-ups will complete the user experience phase.

Phase 3 (Development)
Now its time for function to meet form. Using the latest and greatest web technologies we will bring your sites design to life. Depending on the size or scope of your project this phase may have multiple milestones that you can look forward to reviewing. The details of the phase and its milestones will be included in the technical requirements document as well as reflected in the project timeline.

Phase 4 (QA)
Before handing off your project we want to ensure that everything is fully functional and meets or exceeds all of your expectations. The amount of time allotted for QA will depend on the overall size or scope of the project. Upon final approval and sign off we will be ready to launch your site.

Phase 5 (Release and Delivery)
Once we have finished with testing its time to launch your site. Once launched, we will deliver a copy of the projects source code along with any art assets and updated documentation that has been done throughout the project (method of delivery to be determined). Hosting and method of release will be determined within Phase 1.

Phase 6 (Celebrate)
See your application in action.

Bring Your Idea to Life

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