Office Apps and Mosh Pits

Into the mosh… Everyone’s doing it: Email. Word Processing. Calendaring. Spreadsheets. Presentation slides.

Office productivity suites like Google Apps make Collaboration easy

But everyone’s doing it in a different pit: The office. The conference room. On a plane. In a hotel. Out in the field…

  • Can’t access that blinkin !@#$%! email because it’s back on the desktop.
  • Can’t pull up that stinking proposal because Word isn’t installed on the conference room PC.
  • Can’t get a quick answer from a colleague because the Mac has Yahoo! Messenger and you need Windows IM.

Whaddaya use when you’re users are moshed all over the place?

Google Aps for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, email, instant messaging, and phone calls

In 2008, one smart answer is Google Apps for business. Available anywhere – online or off* – Google Apps lets companies achieve levels of office app sophistication previously available only to the very big guys. (*offline functions are limited as of now)

It provides collaborative access to documents in ways that PC office suites can’t – and takes care of all the attendant housekeeping and security so you don’t have to.

Businesses and employees will want the Premier Edition for $50 per user per year. This gives you branded, ad free screens – and enormous storage quotas that defy even the most neurotic email hoarders amongst us. Users get emails branded with not, and 25gb of storage each. When you add up the annual cost of maintaining Word Processing, Calendaring, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Email Apps for each user’s PC (desktop and laptop in some cases), $50 is a complete steal.

And just when you’re thinking this sounds cool, it gets better: Teams can collaborate on documents across the web, eliminating the need for emailing large attachments to each other and playing the “can you name the latest version” game. (Okay, we’re jumping up on stage now)

But in case this isn’t enough to get you downloading Google Apps right this instant, recently announced integration with SalesForce and the Google Apps Engine will surely stoke the fire.

Here it is. Check it out.

Now we’re on the stage, arms up over our heads, looking down at the undulating mosh, smiling wide… and now we’re diving in… :-)

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