Google’s Chrome OS means a whole lot of … Nothing   July 9, 2009

July 9, 2009


Google announced their vaporware operating system Chrome OS.  We do know that most of the apps and resource-intensive computing will be offloaded to the cloud.  Beyond that small scrap of data, nobody knows anything and, more importantly, nobody has seen anything.  Yet the pundits are already signing the death certificates of both Microsoft Windows (standard target) and the iPhone (mmm … yeah).  These are the same experts (New York Times, jkontherun, TechCrunch, GigaOM, etc.) that keep telling us that Facebook is going to level Google.  So the timeline that I’m getting is:

  1. Facebook becomes the search engine of choice, forcing Google to make money elsewhere
  2. Google becomes the operating system manufacturer for netbooks and smartphones
  3. Somehow Google then makes the jump to becoming the OS of choice for all computers (can’t wait to edit HD video in the cloud)
  4. Microsoft’s market share approaches zero and, in a desperate bid to make the payroll, they become an ebay power seller auctioning off vintage CDs of Windows 95, MS Works, and Microsoft BOB
  5. Bonus: Chrome OS somehow knocks off the whole closed-architecture iPhone OS platform and everybody buys those wildly unsuccessful Android phones
  6. Google is back on top and all things are again right in the tech food chain

The Windows death knell has been ringing for about 15 years now.  Some Windows-killer is announced every six months.  And what happens?  Nothing.  Big, bloated, unsexy Windows persists.  About 18 months ago, the same characters from above let us know that Vista would to send Microsoft to the soup kitchen.  Creative thinking had placed Windows itself as the ultimate Windows-killer.  Hara-kiri.  Didn’t happen.

I’m quite excited to see Chrome OS and play with it a bit.  However, it’s unlikely to alter the tech landscape very much.  Either way, this is solid marketing by Google’s PR department.  It even got my lazy butt blogging about it.

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