The Social Networking Development Craze

We get approached to develop pretty much anything and everything from baby stroller e-commerce to porn.  And although topLingo does not produce any adult content related material we do notice from time to time “bandwagon” development.  In certain cases websites come along that hit it big then others soon follow with the same concept with a small twist. For instance, one of the latest crazes we’ve been asked to do more development for lately is in social networking.  Due in part by the success of  websites like and they’ve helped fuel the craze and inspire new bandwagoneers such as the following:

Daily Strength
The twist:  To help bring together people facing similar life challenges.
Our 2 cents:  Notice the largest support community is depression, now that’s depressing.

Linked In
The twist:  For business professional networking.
Our 2 cents: Let’s do email!

The twist: Social networking for the IT community.
Our  2 cents: This poor Microsoft attempt asks the question does IT need another community.

Vampire Freaks
The Twist: For goth fans. 
Our 2 cents: Got black?

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