Society is Stoopid, High Society is Highly Stoopider

So … ummm … Bono got knighted.

In a previous blog entry, I discussed how certain icons are above criticism.  I think my examples were the VW bug and the iPod.  Bono fits into that category.  Why does everybody think this nebbish fool is a hero?  He sings songs.  He doesn’t even write them anymore.  He simply sings them.  And they are bad.  The first time you listen, you think, oh, this is a snazzy tune.  But after you listen a second time, you realize just how much the current U2 sucks compared to the Joshua Tree era.  They’ve become a formula-based stadium band like the Rolling Stones in the 80s.

Back to Bono.  I guess maybe he’s cool also because he whined incessantly about George Bush before that became a national pastime.  Also, he was one of the first guys that wore sunglasses ALWAYS.  Other than Puffy and Stevie Wonder, of course.  Puffy looks like a goofball without sunglasses, so I see why he wears them.  And Stevie is above my acidic whining because of the “Innervisions” and “Songs In The Key Of Life” albums.  Oh and he’s blind, so I go to the sixth layer of hell if I mock him.  But Bono does rock the sunglasses, so he gets a point there.

Oh wait, I’m now remembering that he does something for AIDS/HIV victims in Africa.  So that’s very cool and humanitarian of him, but he’s really, really, REALLY rich, so (a) he should do that and (b) he probably pays a whole corporation to get their hands dirty whilst he vacations in the south of France (hey, you can ALMOST see Africa from there, you know). 

So why do groups of elite and wealthy people feel the need to recognize other powerful people who do the socially and morally correct thing?  Is it because the ability to follow the ethical path is missing among the upper-crustaceans?  Is it because the jet set has nothing better to do than heap meaningless feelgood accolades upon one another?  Actually, I think they are all just bored with being rich.

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