Scared of RSS? Fear not!

A lot of people have no idea where to start with an RSS reader.  In fact, I was recently at a TechBiz Connection conference in which the exceptional panel discussed RSS use (and other Web 2.0 topics).  One of the panel members asked the audience how many people read RSS feeds on a daily basis.  Now, mind you, this is an audience of technogoobers like myself — a group in which I felt like one of the more socially well-adjusted peeps.  And I drool when I talk sometimes! 

It was suprising that among these technorati, only a handful (30% maybe) raised their hand.  Now I’ll allow for a 10% margin of people in that room who have bad enough body odor that they fear raising their arm (geeks smell, my friend) … so let’s say 40% of them use RSS daily.  An August/2005 marketing study says that only 2% of us read RSS feeds at all.

What does it mean?  Well, if you want to get your info through RSS, you are definitely on the cutting edge.  Take pride in life among the techno-elite, O Pioneers, and download a cool Firefox extension like Sage from the developer’s site or download it direct from Firefox’s shmancy Extensions site.

That is probably the easiest RSS reader on earth to use.  Very barebones.  I’ve used a few of the more feature-rich readers and they are generally pretty neato, but also pretty confusing.  Anyway, every time you see the RSS link symbol like  or  or  on a site, you can just drag it into Sage and, BOOM!, you are subscribed.  Just use one and see if you dig RSS.  Try it now with those icons.  Oh, and welcome to the 2%, just don’t forget to wear deoderant now.

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