Podcasts: So Better Than Gum

Podcasts are powerful online marketing tools.  Plus, they’re easy to make and similar to – but infinitely better than – gum on your shoe.

Podcasts are just like other audio and video content on the web, but with one big-fat-marketing-jackpot of a difference:  People SUBSCRIBE to them.  And not just any people.  These are people who are really, really interested in learning more and hearing more and thinking more about what you have to say, show or teach.

People watch (or listen to) podcasts everywhere: at home on their PCs, on their iPods at the gym, on their way to Lake Tahoe and walking around Costco.

The ultimately cool and useful thing about podcasts is that – like gum on a shoe – they’re STICKY.  Podcast subscribers use personalized readers (RSS aggregators) like Google Reader and iTunes that automatically update them when your new podcast is available.  So getting someone to subscribe to yours is like having them add your tv or radio show to their personal cable package.

The first thing to decide is what podcast format is right for you: audio (only) or video. If you have questions about how this might work in your company, give us a call.

And there you have it.  So better than gum.

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