10 Tips for Writing Great Web Copy (part 3)   February 17, 2009

February 17, 2009

[Cont'd from Friday's post]

10. Ten tips on the actual task of ­copywriting

1. Clearly answer the visitor’s first question, “Am I in the right place?”

Visitors should get this answer in the first couple of seconds.

2.   Clearly answer the visitor’s second question, “Am I in the best place?”

This is where copy and design come together to hook the first time visitor.

3.    Create an obvious Call to Action

Make the merely obvious completely unmistakable. This was stated earlier and is intentionally redundant because, well, it bares repeating.

4.    Hook them with headings.

People only skim web pages. Make the headings concise and enticing to lure the reader deeper.

5.    Be personal.

Talk to your visitors not at them.

6.    Relentlessly proof read.

Then go away for a while. Then proof read again.

7.    Share with fresh sets of eyes.

If you’ve never been embarrassed by an obvious typo in your lifetime, you can skip this tip (and take any stuffed animal of your choice off the top shelf).

8.    Talk benefits not features

Features are about you, benefits are about them.

9.    NUAAWTIF (Never use an acronym without translating it first)

OMG. Nuff said.

10.  Follow the 3 P’s:  Preview > Proof > Post

Preview your copy as it will look on the web page, proof the preview, then – if error free – post. 

In summary, this three post series covers both strategic and tactical aspects of web copywriting. It’s meant as a primer or jumping off point for a serious analysis of your project’s copywriting needs. 

There you have it.  The final segment of “10 Tips for Writing Great Web Copy” and another topLingo blog post with web news you can use.

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