Competitor Addresses a Major Flash Deficiency: Let Me Use the Back Button!

I recently read a great article “2Advanced Studios V.5 Attractor Part 2″ from issue 126 of Web Designer Magazine, the one with the bad-ass red transformer on the cover. It covers a competitor of ours and their impressive implementation of FLASH DYNAMIC DEEP LINKING.

2Advanced Studios, located near us here in Southern California may be competition in the sense that we both build killer web applications however their work is much more targeted to the intense eye candy audience where topLingo’s soul thrives in great application back-end development. Of course topLingo’s eye-candy is appealing but we have neither the time or desire to focus 100% focus that direction. Regardless, they’ve always had our respect and reaffirmed by this recent article where they address Flash’s biggest deficiency to the user, “Letting the user hit the back button, and taking them where they were last.”

Dynamic Deep Linking is emerging into the limelight and technically speaking is the ability to bookmark pages and direct call internal sections of the website through custom urls. Keep you eye out for more on this one!

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