Custom Online Application Management   February 8, 2017

February 8, 2017


  • Slow processing of data
  • Slow customer response
  • Ineffective overview reports
  • Scattered data that required aggregation

Our client was accepting applications and associated documentation from their customers via fax and paper and web forms. Then aggregating the information delayed processing applications, therefore customer acquisition. Getting overviews of where the process was was not easy.


  • Bulk data entry
  • Portal for customers
  • Portal for Account Executives to assist customers
  • Application management from a single portal
  • Reporting for quick status and overviews, and data archiving

Our solution saved turn around time for processing customers, saved internal time for data entry, and provided better management views of where everyone was in the process allowing faster follow up with customers. A portal was built where customers can login and manage a new application or view previous applications, so information wasn’t lost, the client could easily manage their customers information, and Account Executives had everything at their fingertips to allow for fast, easy resolutions.


The dashboard was simple, contained a limited number of applications so this didn’t grow too much, yet relevant information was available.


Application Form

The form itself, due it its size, was broken into sections. Any known information was pre-filled but editable for the customer to update in the event of changes since the last update. Validation is handled on each page, and data is saved as the customer tabs through each section. Long forms often require revisiting to gather required data.


Application Tabs

Each tab has its own set of questions that are related. May questions will show or hide based on previously answered questions.


Document Storage

Documents required to support the application are uploaded in the form. Some documents are required based on answers to previous questions, while some are options. Document size and type are restricted to the client’s needs to ensure security of the application. Documents can be changed by the customer until the application is submitted. Once submitted, they can be viewed only.


Administration of Submitted Data

Account Executives can view their assigned customers data via an administration dashboard that gives a quick overview of where various applications stand. Drilling down gives them access to the application and uploaded documents.


Other Features

Bulk Data Entry – The administrators can upload spreadsheets that contain new customers, so entry is fast, and reduces errors.

Notifications – Emails are automated, and sent out when a new request is made by the AE, a new invitation is sent to fill out the application, as well as set reminders for the customers to address the application.

User Management – Admins can create new Account Executives, new Customers, and other Administrators. Each user has specific permissions to what they are allowed to view, to edit, and to download.

Application Management – Applications are managed by assigned internal staff, and can be sent back for additional information, additional information added, and pushed through the process with various checks, until they are marked Completed.

Additional Phases

The first iteration of this Portal solved pressing needs to help both customers and account executives. The “Like to have” features will be in future iterations. Some of those features:

  • Internal messaging system for a customer to message their AE
  • Allow AEs to create a custom question section
  • Automate periodic invitations send to customers who must undergo this process on a schedule
  • Additional customer management sections, where customer data can be updated in between application periods

There is no limit to what can be built to accommodate your various scenarios. The key is making the initial build clean, and extensible. That means, proper planning and programming so adding on 1 new feature won’t break other features.

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