From a Giant Corp to a Small Shop, Keep Your Employees Happy!

Recently ranked by Fortune 500’s as the #1 of the 100 Best Companies to work for Google receives over 1300 resumes a day keeps employees happy with:  

  1. Flexible scheduling
  2. Free meals from real chef’s
  3. Swimming spa
  4. Free doctors onsite
  5. 20% time to be spent on independent projects
  6. Pet friendly environment
  7. Wi-fi enabled shuttle buses
  8. Onsite car washes and oil changes
  9. Onsite haircuts
  10. Free onsite laundry
  11. … and more!   

Hell yeah!  Well that’s my dream anyway, to offer our entire team those kinds of awesome perks. However, being a small company we obviously don’t have the Google type budget (yet) but realizing the value of employee happiness and without having to spend any money we’ve learned to provide the following:

  1. Flexible hours.  Employees show up anytime before 11am and put in a 7.5 hour day.
  2. Comfortable work environment. Shorts and tees could be our uniform.
  3. Open door policy for ALL managers and owners. Everyone here is treated as a friend rather than a co-worker.
  4. Any person has the ability to lead a project.
  5. Small company atmosphere, no corporate politics found here.
  6. Complete employee support from the owners … we have their back! In fact, in the past few years I can recall cancelling a few client relationships for the mistreatment of our employees.  Boooooooooo!
  7. … And more to come! 

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