eMarketing: Deciphering Google’s search results page   November 25, 2008

November 25, 2008

You wouldn’t believe how many times a day we’re asked about the Google search results page. So here’s a quick primer on the 6 key elements of a local search result.Six sections of Google Search Results screen

  1. The first section is the search box, which for local searches will contain a reference to city and state or other geographic limiter such as zip code.
    Google search field
  2. The second section is the “Sponsored Links” that appears at the top of page. To show up here, you first have to open up a Google AdWords account. Once you’re set up with AdWords, your ad has a chance of being placed here if you’ve bid high enough for the search term and your “Quality Score” assigned by Google is high enough. (Quality Score has to do with click through rates, website quality, reviews, and whatever else Google feels like jamming into their algorithm).
    Google search results Sponsored LInks (Top of Page)
  3. The third section is the Local Business Results listing, which shows the top 10 most relevant web sites according to Google’s algorithm. For your business to be considered for placement here, you must first add a free business listing on the Google Maps Local Business Center page and then mail back the confirmation snail mail you recieve.
    Local Business Results section of Google Search Results page
  4. The fourth section is known as the “Organic Listings” section. There have been volumes written and fortunes spent vying for top listings here. First, your site has to be architected with excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO) fundamentals, must have rich search content, attained a venerable age, be getting lots of good traffic, have the right inbound links, and yada, yada, yada.
    Google Search Results Organic Listings
  5. Section five shows you how competitive your search term is. Google in the example shown determined that 199,000 web pages were relevant to “house cleaning in Irvine California”. That’s more than two for every house and apartment in the city, but still less than a similar search for doctors and plumbers.
    Google Search Results listings count
  6. And finally section six lists additional Sponsored Links. The listing order is again determined by price bid plus quality score.
    Google Search Results - Sponsored Links (Right Column)

So there you have it – a primer for deciphering the Google search results page. For more information about this page from Google itself, go here. This introduction is brought to you by topLingo development, delivering over 400 custom web development projects for large and small companies since April of 2001. We create traffic…the good kind™.

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