Billing: The Necessary Evil.

To all the freelancers, small business owners and everyone else working in the web development arena who invoice for their services you can all agree that sometimes the hard part is not getting the work or even doing the work it’s actually getting paid for the work. And it’s even harder sometimes to be callous about it … but necessary.

One problem is that business people tend to hide behind the accounting veil in which you hear “Accounting tells me that it’s in their queue” or “Accounting will be cutting a check” or the world famous “The check is in the mail.” The bottom line is that time and resources directly cost you money and non-payments or delayed payments regardless of the accounting excuse can be detrimental to any business. It sucks, but you need to be firm at your firm.

For instance, last week we received a $500 bill from a vendor due to an error they made in accounting 10 months ago. In 10 months we never received a phone call, an email or even a snail mail letter notification that we owed them money, but guess what? Even though their accounting department made the mistake and they now risk pissing off a great customer, their firm stance of the situation by re-submitting an old invoice is a necessary evil. They still need to get paid.

The point is nobody likes to see bills and although we were upset at first mistakes do happen and billing is inevitable, so we paid it. We paid it and will continue to use their services.

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